Finish that film. Tell your story. Document the process.

Learn how to create exceptional essayistic films - develop massive creative & technical confidence - Amaze your Audience - Find your "others" and attract them 🧲


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The first session follows the "pay what you want" philosophy, to see if we are an ideal fit.

Are you Drowning in a Sea of uncurated information?

It’s frustrating that every single course on the market teaches you all about the technical aspects, but nothing about how to capture a story, face real world problems while making films, or h0w to develop the needed confidence to make your vision a reality. When pursuing film a career, the industry doesn’t care how many buttons you’ve memorised, it cares whether you can craft powerful films.

Start focusing on the skills your audience actually wants.


About the Course



This course is designed for creative independents looking to craft great stories, travel the world, and create measurable and immeasurable value through filmmaking. It provides the knowledge and skills needed to create images and camerawork technicalities for preproduction, production and post production, helping deepen understanding of production, directing, editing, and delivery. Exploring different mediums and techniques for visual storytelling, this course offers tailored advice and feedback from an experienced instructor, and unique training and exclusive resources to reach goals faster. It is perfect for those seeking to give back, inspire others, and create value through their work.


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What you'll learn

Working with Clients
Structuring a Story
Creative Confidence
Artistic Vision

The first session follows the "Pay what you want" Philosophy


Chapter 1: Foundation
Defining your vision for making films
Chapter 2: Prepratation
Working more efficiently and realizing projects
Chapter 3: Making progress through process
ABC - XYZ of Film, Video & Contentmaking.

Learn Videomaking. From ABC to XYZ
What makes a good story? What is a lut? Which storys do i geniunely want to tell? Who is my ideal client? Who is my audience? Who is not my audience? What is a lut? Which camera to choose? → Kind of like pokemon. they tend to be a choice but in the end the journey is the same just with a different color Which channel to present my work? How to structure a project How to work under difficult circumstances How to survive as a creative

Chapter 4: Putting yourself out there
Online Presence and Positioning

Do you need a website? Naming your brand yourself or a company? What makes a good social media presence? Do you need followers?

Additional: Avoiding pitfalls

Dealing with difficult clients
not attracting the right clients
working for percieved value only
forgetting your vision

Batch starting from: 14 July 2022

Your instructor

I’m Jonas Marcel Kolecki, a filmmaker with a passion for telling stories that inspire and entertain. With over 15 years in the film industry and a background in art studies, I’ve got the skills and experience to help you bring your film vision to life. In our sessions, we’ll cover everything from videomaking and postproduction to working with clients and finding your unique artistic vision. I’ll also share insider tips on avoiding common pitfalls and building a standout online presence. And the best part? Our first session is on a “Pay what you want” basis. So, what are you waiting for? 


When can I start my course?

Since the courses is a 1:1 private coaching, we can start on your soonest possible date.

What if I change my mind?

After the first free coaching hour you are 100% free to not take the commitment.

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal, Bank Transfer, Stripe.

Duration: 3 Months – Private Coaching – Community of Creatives – Video learning Recources – Contracts – Time management Shedules – Vision Journal – Process Tracking Tools – Client aquisition formats – video buisness plan template – selection of ideal website templates – royality free music – motion effects ​

Enroll in this course and gain the skills to create quality moving images, build a successful business with your talent, and achieve your creative vision while working remotely or in person in Munich, Germany in my studio. Get an individualized approach with personal mentoring and feedback from an experienced instructor. Plus, benefit from unique training and exclusive resources to help you reach your goals faster.

Batch starting from: 14 July 2022

My 1-on-1 coaching with Jonas was extremely beneficial. We identified strengths and improvement potentials, created a solid plan, and developed practical tips. Jonas gave a fresh, professional look at my challenges and explicit solutions on how to get the right customers. An investment in my business that was very rewarding. Everyone feeling stuck or not getting the right customers should consider Jonas' program.
Rafael Stokes
Marketing Strategist
I recently worked with Jonas and was amazed by the results. His knowledge and experience helped me understand the bigger picture. He provided innovative ideas and fresh perspectives, which enabled me to develop a tailored strategy. Jonas was an exceptional mentor and coach, with clear communication and support helping me stay focused. I'm very grateful and highly recommend his services.
Olive Borer
Brand Manager
He provided clear direction and guidance on how to develop a successful business. With his expertise and insight, I was able to identify areas of improvement and create a plan to move forward. Jonas gave me the confidence and motivation to take the steps necessary to reach my goals. I highly recommend his program to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
Jacqueline Mueller
My experience working with Jonas was invaluable. He was able to assess my individual strengths and weaknesses, brainstorm ideas and provide concrete advice on how to attract the right customers. His outside perspective was highly instrumental in my success and I would highly recommend his program to anyone looking to move their business forward. Investing in his services was a decision that I will not regret.
Joseph Reinger
Video Enthusiast
Jonas' advice was very helpful and I already received many useful tips in the first hour that I can put into practice right away. For me this was much more efficient than e.g. online courses, as Jonas provided 1:1 coaching and directly answered my questions to help me reach my goals faster and maximize my potential. I look forward to working with him again.
Marie Jurick
Video Enthusiast
My collaboration with Jonas was incredibly fruitful. We discussed my assets and areas of improvement, created an effective strategy, and developed practical guidance. Jonas gave me an unbiased, professional viewpoint on my struggles and gave me explicit instructions on how to acquire the appropriate customers. It was a great investment for my business and one that I would highly advocate. Anyone struggling to acquire the right customers should strongly think about enlisting Jonas' services.
Priscilla Jacobson
Buisness Owner

Batch starting from: 14 July 2022



Learning the art of film & videomaking is tough. Most professionals are self taught which is why it takes them many years of trial and error to learn. This is a daunting task to any newcomer. Unfortunately, most people also think that just by learning the software and buttons it makes you a good visual storyteller. Nothing can be further from the truth.

My goal is simple. To help you master all of the creative skills that you need to become an elite level videomaker that can inspire his or her audience – mastering the craft from ABC – XYZ.